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We are blessed to provide horse-drawn vehicle service for weddings, enagements, proms, parades, parties, festivals, funerals, community events, hayrides, church events, coporate events, and any special occasion that needs a special memorable touch.

When deciding the amount of time to reserve our services, keep in mind these factors:


A. The distance we will be traveling from one location to another location. 

B. The length of your ceremony/event.

C. If you are having a receiving line or not .

D. Allowing enough time for photos with the horse-drawn vehicle.


We suggest keeping travel distance within 3 miles. (Horses travel about 4 miles per hour).  This special time in the horse-drawn vehicle will provide you time to really celebrate the moment! 

Weddings, Proms, Engagements

Our Vis-a-Vis carriage offers an elegant ride for 2-6 passengers.  It is often the choice for weddings, prom, and other special formal occasions.

Hayrides, Parades, Family Gatheringsngs

We use the  Hayride Wagon for parties, festivals, church events, birthdays, corporate parties, hayrides and other causal occasions.

Parades, Funerals, Special Events

The beautiful custom oak show wagon can be used for parades, funerals and other custom events.

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